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Unlike an automatic sprinkler system which is equipped with closed heads, a water spray system is a fixed pipe array designed to deluge water through a deluge valve onto special risks such as power generation equipment, flammable liquids, gas tanks and process plant. System operation can be initiated either manually or automatically by hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical detection systems. In some circumstances (such as Liquefied Petroleum gas tanks) extinguishment is not always immediately desirable and in these cases control and containment is achieved by cooling using medium velocity sprayers.High velocity nozzles are used to extinguish fires in high flash point situations such as transformer and switchgear oil fires. The water projected at high velocity emulsifies the surface of the burning fuel extinguishing both by cooling and by providing a vapour barrier. To provide sufficient water flow and pressure a water storage tank and pumps are invariably required.
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Special Risk - Water Spray Codes and Standards
The most commonly used standard is the American NFPA Code 15. Other codes include API (American Petroleum Institute) and the German DIN standard. Density of water discharge varies between
6.5 litres/min/m2 to 25 litres/min/m2.
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