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Sprinkler headsá
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Automatic sprinkler heads are individually heat activated, and tied into a piping network with water under pressure. When the heat of a fire raises the sprinkler temperature to its operating point, (a variety of temperature ratings, from 57 to 260 degrees) a liquid- filled glass bulb will shatter or a solder link will melt to open that single sprinkler, allowing water to escape. The water is directed onto a diffuser which is designed to not only break the water into droplets of a specific size, but also to direct the spray to cover a specific floor and wall area.

Contrary to popular belief, only the sprinkler head(s) directly local to the fire will operate.

The sprinkler heads are spaced, generally on the ceiling, so that if one or more operate there is always sufficient flow of water. The flow is calculated so that there is always enough to control a fire taking into account the size and construction of the building and goods stored in it.

Sprinkler heads can be placed in enclosed roof spaces and in floor ducts to protect areas where a fire can start without being noticed. In large warehouses sprinklers may also be placed in the storage racks as well as the roof.
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