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Special Risk 

Fuel fires require something more than water to provide effective extinguishment. If water alone is applied to a burning liquid then it will simply spread the fire. To overcome this problem we add foam to water to produce an extinguishing agent which will contain and extinguish fuel oil fires and also provide vapour suppression and protect against reignition..
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This is when equipment is used to mix water with the foam concentrate to proportion the foam. Proportioning of the foam concentrate is at 1%, 3% or 6%. This means that 3% proportioning 97% of the finished foam is water.

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Special Risk - Foam Standards
Foam systems are designed in accordance with international standards, depending upon the risk to be protected. The standards applicable are as follows:-

BS 5306 part 6.1 - low expansion foam
NFPA 11 - low expansion
NFPA 16 - foam enhanced sprinkler systems
NFPA 11A - medium and high expansion

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