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Water mist
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Halon systems are now being replaced for environmental reasons. Halon has the highest ozone-depleting potential of any gases in common use, and under the Montreal protocol, all halon systems will have to be replaced by the end of 2003.Water Mist Fire Protection has become a cost effective alternative to established systems. Using water as the extinguishing agent, it offers efficient fire extinguishing capability without the adverse side affects of other systems. The steam occupies a thousand times as much space as water and it pushes the air away as it forms, reducing the concentration of oxygen feeding the flames. When water mist droplets enter a fire they vaporise. A mist spray creates droplets about one tenth of a millimetre across, increasing the surface area to more than 200 square metres. Water puts out a fire by a combination of a cooling action and the oxygen diluting effect of the steam. When the water is turned into steam it takes energy away from the fire cooling it down. Water Mist has a secondary affect. When such items as plastics burn, very large amounts of smoke are produced. These smoke particles and gases can be toxic. A Water Mist system would help remove the products of combustion from the air, reducing the amount of smoke damage. 
World Halon


World Halon


Benefits of Water Mist Fire Protection Systems:

Fast fire suppression
Safe for people
Safe for environment
Safe for equipment
Minimal water damage
Smoke absorption
Easy installation

Application for Water Mist Fire Protection Systems:

Flammable liquid storage
Gas turbines/ Engine test cells
Incinerator installations
Document storage
IT facilities
Kitchen/ Food processing
World Halon


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