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We purchase your clean agents
World Halon
We purchase your clean agents (Halon 1211, Halon 1301, FM200/FE227, FE36, Halotron 1 )

We offer fast rebuilding and recharging of Halon 1301 and FM200/FE227 System Cylinders

Consulting: We provide creative solutions to your fire suppression problems 
World Halon


World Halon
Bulk Clean Agents: We offer all types of recycled clean agents

Whether you are a clean agent fire suppression system end user, or a fire protection company eager to provide fast and efficient service to your customers, Gielle Clean Agents is your one-stop-shop. We stock Halon and Halon alternative clean agents in bulk and system cylinders in many sizes and from a wide variety of manufacturers. Importantly, we have the rebuild kits and parts to keep them functioning properly. We also inventory the clean agents Halotron 1 and FE36 designed for portable fire extinguishers 

Halon 1301

Halon 1301 remains the most effective and inexpensive "clean" firefighting gas available. If you don't want to engineer a new Halon alternative system because of the time and expense, Gielle Clean Agents is here to tell you that YOU DON'T HAVE TO - we have an extensive supply of Halon 1301. Gielle Clean Agents recycles Halon in an environmentally responsible manner. 

FM200 / FE227 (aka HFC-227ea)

HFC-227ea, produced and marketed by Dupont Fluoroproducts as FE227, and by Great Lakes Chemical Corporation as FM200, is one of the most popular Halon 1301 alternatives. Gielle Clean Agents now offers recycled HFC-227ea at very favorable prices compared to factory new agent. 

Halotron 1

Halotron 1 (chemical name: HCFC Blend B), manufactured by American Pacific Corporation is one of the two common Halon 1211 alternatives. 


FE36 (chemical name: HFC-236fa), manufactured by Dupont Fluoroproducts is one of two common Halon 1211 alternatives.
World Halon


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World Halon


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