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Health and safety
World Halon


 World Halon recognise the importance of Health and Safety not only to our employee's but also to those around us.
We are striving to provide a safe working environment for all the stages of a project and actively promote Health and Safety at work. For this purpose we have trained personnel to National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) General Certificate level to provide in house expertise and seek any specialist advice from an external independent consultant 
We have implemented training of all our Project Managers and Engineers to Institution Of Safety and Health (IOSH) level "Managing Safely" and ongoing safety training is a priority for World halon.
To be able to recognise and address situations that may arise and find a safe alternative is the goal during the contract, from design to commissioning.

The Health and Safety process begins with the design where the Construction Design Management (CDM) issues are considered by the designers and residual risks are identified and form part of the Health and Safety plan. All the designers have attended an Loss Prevention Council design course to an Advanced level.
World Halon


World Halon


The Health and Safety is monitored throughout the contract by the Project team with regular site audits and any issues are reviewed and addressed at the safety meetings. Any items are then communicated to the relevant personnel, for implementation.

All our direct labour has attended the Engineering Construction Institute Training Board (ECITB) passport scheme and we are actively pursuing the attendance of the course by all of our approved sub contractors by the end of the 2002.

World Halon has been Principal Contractor on several projects and will be willing to offer this service as part of our contract.
World Halon


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