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 Automatic sprinkler systems
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The automatic fire sprinkler system is the most widely used fire protection system today. The whole philosophy of sprinklers is based upon the premise of applying the right amount of water (as little as possible) in the right place (the seat of the fire) at the right time (as quickly as possible). Many ordinary hazard systems used to be fed directly from the town's mains, but increasingly a water tank and pumps are being installed to guarantee adequate water flow and pressure.
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Types of System 

Wet System - An installation where the sprinkler pipework is constantly charged with water under pressure.

Dry System - Used where a frost risk may arise. Charged with compressed air which holds the valve closed. When a sprinkler operates the air pressure is lost, the valve opens and water flows into the system and on to the fire. 
The diagram adjacent illustrates a typical dry system configuration. 

Alternate Wet/Dry system - This system is charged with air during the winter and converted to a wet system during the summer. 

Pre-Action system - A combination of an electrical/mechanical detection system, sprinkler pipework is only filled with water upon electrical detection to avoid accidental water damage. 
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