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 Fire detection
World Halon


World halon can provide a full array of fire alarm systems from our comprehensive range. From a simple conventional system to a fully analogue addressable networked system, all World halon installations are fully complient with BS5839
Control Panel
World Halon


World Halon



Analogue Loop Devices Support :

Grade 1 and 2 Heat Sensors.

High Temperature Heat Sensors.

Low-Profile Optical Sensors.

Low-Profile Ionisation Sensors.

Loop Powered Beam Detector.

Manual Call Points.

Analogue Input Modules.

Analogue Output Modules.

Loop Powered Sounders.

Conventional Detector Interface Module.

Hostile-ARea Smoke Head Sensors 


Control Panel
World Halon


World Halon


Panel Features

From 1-2 loops

Compliant with EN54 parts 2 and 4, BS EN 60950 and BS EN 50130 part 4

Full Apollo XP95 and Discovery compatibility

Automatic recognition of Apollo or CEL outstations

Extensive mode change options by day/night and special group allocation

Windows-based, full upload/download PC software package

500mA output per loop with highly stable voltage platform, even under mains-failed conditions

Fully networkable with other voyager and discovery panels, graphics package and integra network repeaters

Powerful processing and extensive panel and loop I/O capability

User friendly controls and a clear, unambiguous screen

Membrane facia with tactile switches

Complies with EMC and LVD Directives 
Extinguishing Panel
World Halon


World Halon


Panel Features 

Complies with BS5839:Part 4: 1988

Complies with BS7273:Part 1: 1990

Complies with EMC directive

Complies with low voltage directive 72/23/EEC

2 selectable discharge durations

3 position mode select (Auto/Manual, Manual, Disable)

4 selectable time delays

Simple user interface

Extensive internal fault diagnosis indication

On-site configuration for use with intrinsically safe barriers

Remote control, silence, reset and alarm inputs

Selectable pulsing or continuous second stage alarm output

Through 'Metron' actuator or solenoid monitoring

Enhanced safety and reliability features

Volt free first and second stage contacts with isolate facility

Zonal volt free contacts

Zonal isolate facility

Compact low profile enclosure

Compatible with all popular detectors
World Halon


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World Halon


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