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Voice alarm systems
World Halon


Voice Alarm Systems provide Fire Alarm designers and specifiers functions not available under conventional circumstances. Voice Alarm systems provide clear and unambiguous speech instructions for personnel in buildings such as Offices, Shopping Centres, Airports, Factories and Leisure Centres. These can be designed as bespoke systems with many functions and zones or a simple 4 zone system. Alternatively, simply replace the existing bell/sounders and replace with loudspeakers and Voice Alarm amplifiers. 
Additionally, the system can be designed to provide Public Address announcements or background music.

All systems will comply with BS5839 part 8.
Public Address 
World Halon


If you need a Public address system to contact personnel in an office complex, factory, warehouse or shop, or you need to make announcements of the latest offers in the supermarket, or call up staff, or competitors at the leisure centre, then you should consider carefully the system to install. World Halon can integrate the simplest of systems and design systems for the largest office blocks providing background music, remote inputs, multi zones and pre-announcement chimes.
World Halon


Any Public Address or Voice Alarm System must be provided with the highest quality speakers available, in line with the aesthetic requirements of the project. But, must provide value for money. World halon can provide speakers to match any specific project requirement.
Public Address 
World Halon


Speakers solely used for speech and background music will provide clear and unambiguous noise. Each system will be designed for the project requirements e.g. ceiling speakers for suspended ceilings and cabinet speakers for Plant and Boiler rooms. Public Address Systems can also be used for high quality background music; the speakers are designed to give an extended bass response giving warmth and depth to the music. 
Voice Alarm 
World Halon


These systems have defined requirements as detailed in BS5839 part 8 1988. In the event of a fire the speaker must maintain its integrity to ensure the system functions correctly. Therefore, Voice Alarm Speakers are additionally provided with Steel Fire Domes, Ceramic Terminal Block, and a Thermal Fuse. 
World Halon


These can be supplied for single zone operation to multiple zones with multi function as specified for the project requirements. 
World Halon


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