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Manual call points 
World Halon


A comprehensive range of call points for use with both conventional and addressable systems. All call points are designed to enable an alarm signal to be given by breaking a glass element, this operates a switch and is indicated by an LED indicator. If required, an optional transparent hinged cover may be installed to guard against accidental operation.
World Halon


World Halon


Sounders and Bells

A range of sounders to meet a wide variety of alarm applications where loud, penetrating and distinctive warning must be given to alert people of fire situations. World halon will determine the requirements as specified in BS5839 part 1 1988 (latest edition) the minimum sound level required is 65db(A) or 5db(A) above the normal background noise level. In areas where persons may be sleeping then a sound level of 75db(A) at the bedhead with all the doors shut. 
World Halon


World Halon


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