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Halon Replacement
World Halon


Halon 1211 and Halon 1301 are reliable extinguishants. However, under the terms of the Montreal Protocol, the environmental damage caused by Halon gas makes it unacceptable, except for certain military and air transport applications. To comply with EC directives, any remaining Halon systems must be de-commissioned by 31st December 2003.

The last day that existing Halon systems may be recharged with recycled or reclaimed Halon. After this date, if a Halon suppression system discharges it is effectively useless. The equipment it is designed to protect will be vulnerable until a new system can be purchased, installed and commissioned.

By this date all existing Halon systems must have been decommissioned and the Halon itself must have been disposed of by an approved contractor. Although Halon systems are still permitted in certain specialist applications (mainly military*) the export of Halon is severely restricted. Halon, therefore, now has a negative value, requiring certified disposal.

The Solution
Find an effective alternative to Halon is a necessity. World Halon will conduct a complete Risk Assessment to identify a new system that is technically capable of protecting the risk.
Design and plan a new system. World Halon will provide you with a comprehensive plan ensuring adequate protection required by Safety Regulations applying to the site.
Install the new system. World Halon will install and commission a new extinguishing system in line with our previous design.
De-commission and destroy existing Halon. World Halon will provide you with a Certificate in accordance with current environmental regulations.
Maintenance and Service. The most important aspect of any system is to maintain the performance. We also recommend that annual integrity testing is carried out in accordance with BS ISO 14520 to maintain the room's capacity to hold the gas.

Most importantly, World halon engineers are ideally placed to provide all the advise you need in converting your Fire Protection Systems to alternative agents such as Argon or FM200 .
World Halon


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