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Capability & Experience
World Halon


The Company operates throughout Europe, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. We have undertaken a wide variety of projects including power generating and transmission stations, military establishments, an international airport, major commercial developments in the City of London and elsewhere, shopping malls, hotels, factories, warehouses and distribution centres. Details of some of the major projects are shown on the Projects section of this website.

Our customers include most of the major european builders and building service contractors as well as 'household' names, international property developers and government departments at home and overseas.
 Project Management
World Halon


Central to the Company's operation are the Project Managers, each of whom are carefully selected for their all round experience of fire protection systems and their ability to carry out all phases of a project. Their responsibilities include:

- ensuring that the works on site are carried out under strict quality control.
- ensuring that good health and safety practices are followed on site at all times.
- monitoring progress against programmes and target dates. They will recognise and correct any deviations.

The Project Engineers carry out similar functions to the Project Managers under their supervision.

The company policy has always been to give complete responsibility for a project to the Project Manager. This control covers design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning to handover to the client and the training/instruction of client staff if required.

We believe that this benefits the Client in that he has the same contact throughout the project and ensures continuous customer satisfaction. In addition, it also produces higher motivation and greater job satisfaction for the individual Manager. The result is a better job for the Client and for World Halon.

Throughout every project, each World Halon Manager has direct and immediate access to the Directors.
World Halon


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